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CIP Cleaning in place

In an industry, the systematic cleaning of facilities should be considered as an integral part of production and not as an option. The concept of cleaning an installation without dismantling any equipment or piping is summed up as CIP cleaning “Cleaning In Place”.

Why Cleaning in Place?

/    Improves plant operation due to repeatable cleanings

/    Improves product quality due to hygiene in the plant

/    Reduces staff time wasted on cleaning tasks

/    Save cleaning costs

/    Safe handling of hazardous substances such as detergent

/    Reduces cost of cleaning chemicals


Process plant design

  • Plant and equipment design

  • Use of sanitary equipment

  • Connection elements and sanitary pipe


For an optimal cleaning effect the individual parameters in the cleaning steps must be adjusted one by one

Parameters and specifications 

Detergent titration

  • Detergent chemical activity

  • Composition​
  • Concentration
  • Surface tension
  • dispersion force

Cleaning time

  • Total duration of cleaning action


  • Mechanical effect of flow with detergent

  • wall friction

  • Reynolds number 


  • ​Cleaning solution temperature


  • Supply of the cleaning agent directly to the equipment to be cleaned

  • Dosing and mixing of chemicals and disinfectants separately and safely

  • Cleaning solution storage and availability

  • Safe heating of cleaning solution 

  • Control and measurement of operating parameters (eg conductivity, temperature, etc.)

  • Control of cleaning processes

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