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Whether it's firm, stirred, plain, flavored or with added fruit, drinkable or pasteurized, we can design the best solution for yogurt production. We have extensive experience in yogurt processing, as a result of large projects for key players in the Mexican and international markets.


Our scope of supply can include a complete yogurt production plant including:

  • Yogurt milk mix,

  • Pasteurized / homogenizing yogurt milk,

  • Adding culture online,

  • Maturation,

  • Yogurt cooling,

  • Yogurt buffer

  • Flavor / fruit in addition.

  • CIP design

Plant layout

The plants we design include proprietary technology for online culture addition, self-protection ventilation devices for the maturation tanks, and a user-friendly comprehensive control and automation system to allow operators to easily monitor and control the plant through a web interface. Intuitive and friendly operator.

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