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Pasteurization is a heat treatment used on dairy products to destroy  pathogenic microorganisms. It also significantly reduces the number of all microorganisms. Therefore, it is a process that plays a very important role in the public health of consumers of dairy products.

Benefits of efficient pasteurization

One of the many benefits is increasing the shelf life of dairy products. However, an important aspect to consider when selecting the most appropriate combination of time and temperature for the pasteurization process is the minimum possible loss of nutritional properties, maintaining as much as possible the original organoleptic characteristics of the product.


  • Product pumps

  • Heat exchangers (with the highest economic heat regeneration value)

  • Timing pumps

  • Hot water ties

  • Support tubes

  • Flow diversion devices (to provide an automatic fail-safe method of preventing product from entering the pasteurized side of the HTST system)

PTS designs, integrates, builds, tests and commissions fully automated pasteurization systems, whether skid-mounted and/or custom built to customer conditions.

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