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DSI Direct Steam Injection

A direct steam injection heater provides a cost effective method of heating water and other fluids by injecting steam directly into the fluid. The direct injection heater is designed to handle a wide range of flow rates and deliver hot fluids at precise temperatures.

How does a DSI work?

​Direct steam injection transforms thermal energy through direct contact steam condensation

  • Almost instantaneous transfer of energy (heat)

  • Effectively 100% efficient - latent and sensible energy

  • Significant measurable benefits beyond energy savings

Environmental benefits

  • Lower demand for boilers

  • Less water usage: minimal water waste before reaching set point temperature

  • Smaller carbon footprint – minimal energy use to achieve precise temperature

  • Lower footprint environmental impact

  • Less waste water

  • Less cleaning and use of chemicals


  • Food processing

  • Beverages

  • Brewing

  • Dairy

  • Meat and poultry processing

  • wine and liquor

  • Oil extraction and refining

  • Industrial laundry

  • chemical plants

  • pulp and paper

  • Energy plants

  • Pharmacist

  • hospitals

  • cooking starch

  • CIP: water heating

  • pasteurized milk

  • cheese pasteurization

  • tomato paste heating

  • baby kitchen

  • water heating

Sustainable benefits

  • Almost instantaneous transfer of energy (heat)

  • 100% efficiency

  • Energy saving / Reduced steam consumption

  • Constant and precise discharge temperature

  • Smaller 'environmental footprint'

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • No condensate return required

  • Handles fluids that are difficult to heat, prevents burns; highly viscous or abrasive sludge

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