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New technologies at your reach

Our culture of being the best integrators in process technologies drives us to seek new techniques that are focused on both sustainability and the optimization of our clients operations.

We celebrate two strategic alliances that will allow us to continue being leaders in the food and dairy sector and offer more competitive solutions to our customers.

Nordic Dairy Technology

Technology and processing equipment from Nordic Dairy Technology (NDT) are dedicated to cheese processing, both hard and semi-hard cheese, soft cheese, and specialties such as cottage cheese, halloumi, paneer, and plant-based cheese.

The development of technology in the design of NDT cheese equipment originates from experience in production, as well as the incorporation of know-how and deep knowledge of milk behavior, hybrid formulas, and vegetable-based ingredients in cheese making.

It is thanks to this approach that NDT can offer a performance guarantee of up to 10% higher than any other similar equipment producer.

Learn more in: Nordic Dairy Technologies


EGLI AG is a company with a long history and abundant experience in the market specializing in process equipment for the production of butter, margarine, and spreads.

It has in its portfolio complete equipment and lines for the production of high-quality butter.


It has a presence in the market in more than 23 countries worldwide, and its reputation is backed by very competitive equipment design that generates loyalty from its customers, thanks to its high performance and its ability to integrate production lines.

Learn more: Egli AG

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