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To solve any filtration problem is to determine the filtration surface and the cubic feet of capacity that are required to achieve a specific performance. In addition to the surface area, it must be decided which type of solution is the most optimal: whether horizontal or vertical filter plates are required.

Specifications for a successful approach

  • Particle size, circumscription, and particle size distribution

  • Percent solids

  • Viscosity of your product

  • Temperature

  • Chemical compatibility

  • Performance requirement

  • Flow rate

Solutions for industries



Vertical pressure filters are a working resource for precious metal, natural resource, metal and rare earth mining operations. Our teams perform to meet the demanding expectations of the mining industry.

Edible oil

We have filters for edible whitening and 'winterization' oils. Bleaching removes "non-colored" components, while 'winterization' improves the clarity of the oils by lowering their temperature allowing the formation of solids, removing them by filtration. 

Food and Beverages

Filters can capture solids as product or remove them from the liquid stream. From relatively low flow rates to flow rates in excess of 2,000 gpm, our equipment can be customized to meet your requirements. 


The pharmaceutical industry requires strict standards for performance, safety and reliability. Our filters meet all the necessary requirements to achieve maximum guaranteed efficiency. 

Filter types

Laboratory filter

This model is well received by academic and industrial labs alike, and works equally well for clients looking to minimize purchase cost as well as capital technology acquisition cost.

HPF filter

The Horizontal Plate Filter (HPF) is one of the most widely accepted industrial liquid filtration solutions. The HPF filter contains a filter that provides smooth flow, no moving parts, and design simplicity.



It is a revolutionary design that emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, economy, and minimal maintenance. This filter features a structural steel suspended suspended cart design.


Vertical plate filter VPF

Vertical Plate Filter / Vertical Tank Filter specially designed for performance in areas with restricted floor space. It can be easily adapted to achieve a variety of results in a wide range of applications.


Oil filter

Provides optimally efficient, reliable and easy-to-use cooking oil filtration. Reduces product waste, improving its quality. 


Mixed (Nutsche)

Filter using a vertical tank with a single horizontal plate mounted on the tank. It is offered for special applications where high volume and easily filterable solids are processed through a variable thickness.

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