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Vacuum | Lyophilization

Vacuum drying technology is one of the most economical and gentle drying methods. Due to the vacuum, very low water evaporation temperatures can be reached. Flavor, product color and bulk density can be specifically controlled by the process.

Vacuum belt dryers are designed for continuous operation with liquid or solid products. The dry granulate is also discharged almost continuously and can be disposed of under clean room conditions (GMP). After the drying process, the product can be ground, filled and packaged.


Vacuum belt dryers are used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Vacuum drying features

Individual temperature zones

The modular design of the heating plates allows the use of product-specific temperature profiles for a tailored drying process

visual monitoring

The current drying process can be continuously monitored through sight glasses. Optionally, automated monitoring systems are available.


The 'walk-in' design ensures easy access for maintenance of drying equipment

Main advantages

  • Minimal loss of flavors

  • Very little product loss

  • No product oxidation

  • Controllable Maillard reaction

  • Controllable solubility of dry products

  • Possibility of recovering solvents

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