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Flash Dryers

We are specialists in the design and supply of dryers for a variety of industries. Thanks to our commercial partners we have a portfolio of dryer technology such as: flash dryers, ring dryers and steam or pressurized dryers. 

Flash dry

'Flash dryers are simple but versatile as they can be used for a wide variety of products,  generally layered filters; in the dairy industry, when pre-conditioned, they will also dry efficiently.

In a flash dryer, wet material is dispersed into the drying air stream through one of many types of feed devices.

Drying takes place in a matter of seconds as heat is transferred from the air stream to the particle.

Flash dryers only remove moisture from the surface, so the drying speed is constant throughout the drying phase.

Once dry, the product is separated from the air stream through the use of high-efficiency cyclones. In the case of fine products, a bag filter is used.

Secondary air cleaning devices, such as wet scrubbers or thermal oxidizers, ensure the mandatory emission levels required for permits.

Flash dryers can be designed with inlet temperatures as high as 1470°F


Ring drying

Ring dryers are used when products cannot be dried efficiently in single pass flash dryers. In cases where certain powders, pastes, cakes or slurries require long drying times, the ring dryer is the solution.

The differentiating technology between the flash dryer and the ring dryer is the incorporation of a classifier (collector), which allows the recirculation of the semi-dried product to the initial heating zone for additional drying and dispersion. The classifier accomplishes this by adjusting the blades that cut into the layer of material that has been centrifugally classified. Divider knives are adjusted and set by qualified engineers during ring dryer commissioning and do not need to be adjusted once set.

The recycled material in the ring dryer allows a comparatively lower exhaust temperature to be used while achieving the desired final moisture content. Drying efficiency is improved and variations in product quality are limited.

Steam drying

A steam dryer is a closed loop air dispersion dryer that creates steam from evaporated water. The  steam is discharged from the system at pressures up to 4 barg and can be used for various heat recovery purposes.

These technologies are used in situations where heat recovery is poor and the standard o-ring Flash Dryer is the technology of choice e  include the following advantages:

  • High performance wet bulbs for heat recovery

  • Integrated thermal oxidizers

  • Safe steam drying environment

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