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Flash Dryers

The fluidized bed is often used to dry and cool the powder. The use of a fluid bed allows adjustment of process parameters to achieve superior drying economy and powder quality.

The fluidized bed is also ideal for other types of powder treatment, such as mixing, agglomeration, powder clogging, and instantiating. With this equipment you can produce a wide range of powders for the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Fluidized Bed characteristics


Fluidized bed processes include: drying, agglomeration, spray coating, cooling, dedusting, and lecithination.


We also offer batch and continuous fluidized beds, as well as fluidized beds for integration into multi-stage spray drying plants.

Using intimate air-product contact, fluidized beds are designed to ensure excellent heat transfer coefficients and avoid degradation reactions in heat-sensitive products. Processing is done in a single step or as part of a multi-stage drying operation.

Capacity Profile

Our fluidized beds adapt to your requirements, from a few kg/h to 20t/h , making this equipment one of the most versatile. 


We have two types of design:

  • Fluid bed batches

  • Continuous fluid beds

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