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Brewery and Beverages


From the raw material

to the bottle

We have technology for handling liquids, such as: transport, treatment and storage in the various phases of beer manufacturing. 

Also the technology that is used in the brewing industry for the collection, transportation, dehydration and drying of spent grains, as well as for yeast drying.

Cata de cerveza
Yeast drying

PTS technology is also used in the brewing industry for yeast drying. Dry yeast contains more than 48% crude protein (highly digestible). It is a completely natural product, which is used as an animal feed additive for ruminants, pigs, horses and poultry.


We carry out different processes in the beverage and beer sector to meet any of your expectations:

  • Collection of spent grains

  • Dehydration of spent grains

  • Drying of spent grains

  • Transportation

  • Storage

  • Yeast drying 

Spent grains

We supply a complete component transport and spent grain storage solution within the brewery.


Screw presses and dryers are used to dewater and dry spent grains to final desired moisture. Dried spent grains contain 20% to 26% crude protein and are used as a pure natural addition to animal feed.

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